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Welcome to Julia Veinblat's Website, a singer-songwriter based in New York. 


About Me

Singer-Songwriter, Vocal Producer

Julia is a singer-songwriter based in New York. Julia has always loved to sing and has only recently begun to hone her songwriting skills. She has developed clear, dynamic, and powerful vocals with which producers enjoy working with. Her songwriting goal is to make others feel validated through vulnerable and moving lyrics.

Book of Chords

My Services



If you're looking for powerful, dynamic, and emotional vocals for your music, you've landed on the right gig. I'm a singer with 10+ years of experience. I record using Ableton Live and a Rode Condenser Mic in my home studio.


Vocal Tuning

Singing can be enjoyable. However, tuning your vocals can be time-consuming. We are in the business of removing hassles and making life easier for you. 

Our Happy Clients

Julia is one of the best singer-songwriters we've ever worked with. She demonstrates a strong commitment to her work.

Diego Calle Lindao, CEO Alien Amp Records

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