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Alien Amp Records is Gearing up for the Release of its First Album in 2023.

Diego Calle Lindao

Jan 4, 2023

Make Me Me A Liar Release.

Alien Amp Records is releasing its first album. The project was created by human producers Diego Calle Lindao, Patricia Calle Lindao, and Gabriela Irene Becerra Santafe alongside aliens from Kepler-452b. The idea for this song began on the strange planet of Kepler-452b, transmitted to Earth via the label's secure network. Sung by Julia Veinblat, a Brooklyn-based singer with an impressive catalog of work including "Drag Me To Hell," "Wolves," "All I Need," "Paper Town," and "Killing Glance."

The lyrics were written by Angel Morale, the label's secret weapon and an award-winning songwriter whose work catalog is beyond impressive. It includes: "Animetal," "The Place," "Revenge of the Synth," "Eat or be Ate," "Self Medicated," "I Will be Forever With You," "Get it on," "Loving," "Playin' Games," "Hand in Mine," and" Fear the Light."

"Words of Angel Morale"

"My journey has always revolved around music, and any major event that took place in my life or any obstacles I had to overcome—music was my outlet and lifesaver. I was born with a rare condition called Dorfman-Chanarin Syndrome, which affects my skin, muscles, nerves, and liver. Having this condition forced me to live most of my life in pain; never really knowing how each day was going to pan out. I do not like to highlighting much about my health condition, but as a musician I aim to portray a message that says that we are all born to do what we want! Emphasizing the importance of kindness and how each one of us has the ability to be happy. Growing up, I suffered from bullying because I didn’t fit in; never finding a sense of belonging! The only thing that ever got me through everything was music".

Julia Veinblat, singer-songwriter who began working with Alien Amp Records in 2022. After signing with Alien Amp Records on August 29th, 2022, Veinblat embarked on a mission to create music and show the world what she is made of. Julia's new song, which will be released on Friday the 6th, will offer a different perspective on love. Being strong is one of the aspects of life when a relationship ends; looking back at your mistakes can help you shape who you are as a person.

As we near the release of this song, we would like to thank all those who contributed to its production. Our producers worked diligently, day in and day out, to polish and perfect it. Our outside collaborators who gave their time and effort so that this song could see release. Our friends and family who encouraged us to continue and to never give up.

We hope you enjoy this song produced by our finest producers. Please share with us your favorite parts of this song, and we look forward to hearing from you all.

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